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To avoid defaulters of company owned devices.

Locking and Unlocking the phone remotely in case of default, and many more extra useful features.

ZTE Solutions gives the best price in the market with only Rs.99 per code (inc GST) if purchased 100 codes at once.

It works on the basis of codes and IMEI number.

Yes, the location command can be used when needed

Yes , the Sim details command can be used.

Because we are directly partnered with Android Enterprise and are always digital present for giving support and solution.

Yes, ZTE Solutions provides a well trained backend support team which can be contacted between 10am to 11pm IST on +918143554355.

Yes, remove password command can be used to remove screenlock.

In case of device being resetted, the locker will still be re-installed again upon setup.

In case of a format from service center the locker will still be installed again upon setup.

Morning 10 to 11 Evening.